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The Logo Design
The logo, with its predominantly cool blue-green tones, is inspired by the blues and greens of the landscape in which the coldstores sit and from where the stored produce originates – the Wairau river plains and vineyards, the bountiful waters of the Sounds, the surrounding hills and mountains. The cool colours also capture the essence of water, ice and frosty mornings.
With a touch of the golden yellow Marlborough sun that warms it all.

The design ethos is also an embodiment of the nature of product storage and preservation. It takes organisation, control, commitment and energy, captured in the dynamic curves of the logo. In addition the mechanics of the process – fans, coils, compressors, containers, racks, temperature and airflow – are represented in abstract form in various designs, rather than any literal interpretation.

The Logo, corporate Video and Website design were developed by Barbara Gibb, Aspire Design, Wellington.

“I am a frequent visitor to Marlborough, and always awed by the wide open skies, sunshine and impressive light of the Wairau Plains.”

Photo Credits
We used local expertise for our photography and videography. Paul Davidson of Bytesize Productions is a Marlborough documentary maker of many years expertise in capturing the special places and people that make this region unique.

All images and produce montages are copyright to Paul Davidson, Bytesize Productions.

Various food images were sourced from Creative Commons images with thanks.