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Our current Board of Directors are:
Ian Barnes (Chairman)
Donald Horton
Murray Ingram
Richard Morriss
Jason Barnes
John Taylor

Our Board of Directors share a commitment to delivering a premium cold storage service to the Marlborough community.
We are constantly investing in our employees and our facility in order to maintain and improve our high quality.

“We believe that people make a difference – our team are all dedicated and hard-working employees, which we believe speaks for itself.”

A majority of the original founders of Provincial Coldstores Ltd are still in office, providing a wealth of knowledge and local expertise. Over the years, the directors have worked to develop first class facilities, to meet the diverse needs for frozen, ambient, controlled chilled and atmosphere controlled environments.

Murray Ingram, the company manager from the beginning, retired in December 2013 after 23 years service. Murray guided the company through its substantial developments, major changes in regional horticulture trends and the many growth initiatives.

Donald Horton has taken up the reins, and now contributes his 23 years experience to every aspect of coldstore management.

Burkhart Fisheries have been using Provincial Coolstores to store excess product ex their Ward Plant for just over 20 years.
One of the benefits of our long term association, is the stable management and staff whom are committed to their jobs and the care of our product.
From its inception it has always been a highly professional outfit from the Office to the floor and fits in very well with our business philosophies.
Our aim is to continue working with Provincial Coolstores for another 20 years.

Barbara Burkhart

Operations Manager, Burkhart Fisheries Ltd