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Our Blast Freeze Facility – definately the coldest place in sunny Marlborough!

The blast freeze facility at Provincial Coldstores is the fully licensed to freeze all types of meat, seafood, and viticulture products. We also cater for many other unusual products of all volumes – please enquire.

If you require blast freezing followed by cold storage and/or quick transfers to refrigerated transport, come to Provincial Coldstores. Whatever the amount or type of product, when you come to Provincial Coldstores – we are the specialist storage team dedicated to the proper care of your product – any time and every time.

We provide specialised blast freezing and allied services including –
•    Blast Freezing – up to 50 tonnes per day capacity
•    Comprehensive inventory management and stock reporting
•    Container loading by hand, slip-sheet or palletised
•    Official Quality Certifications for local and export markets
•    Free advice and quotes

We offer blast freezing with a capacity for 50 tonnes per day.

We are the only facility in Marlborough to offer these services, and we are proud of the care for your product offered by our dedicated team.

Donald Horton

General Manager, Provincial Coldstores Ltd