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Harvest is a very busy time for Marlborough, and Provincial Coldstores facilitate efficient storage and inventory for numerous vineyards and orchards around the region.


We offer storage, inventory for individual batches of grapes, cool and chilled storage of hand-picked and crushed grapes, all 24/7, as required.

Please enquire if your vineyard or orchard has specialised harvest needs – we’ll be happy to assist.

During the grape harvest Villa Maria hand harvest fruit is chilled in Provincial Coolstores overnight prior to processing. During each harvest we transfer around 2000 Chep SB1 Shuttle bins in and out of the coolstore; this fruit comes off around 60 separate vineyard sections. The systems employed by Provincial ensures that the tracking of our different batches of fruit is accurately and efficiently management off and on trucks. The staff at Provincial are always very helpful and are on call when we finish harvesting outside of working hours or on weekends.

During the 7 years that I have managed the hand harvest I have never had any issue with the performance of Provincial Coldstores and their staff. The efficiency of the forklift operators have enabled me to optimise my truck turn around times, saving time and money. We have never had any bins or fruit damaged. The fruit chilling is very effective and the accuracy of loading of the batches in and out has been 100% to date.

I am very pleased to personally recommend Provincial Coolstore and the service they provide.

Craig Thomson

Grower Viticulturist, Villa Maria, Marlborough